New Rules of Femininity

A show about real women and real beauty, for my daughter.

I’ve had a lot of fun painting portraits for engagements, of pregnant women, babies, and pets. In 2007 I had my first child. She’s now 15 months old, and she keeps me engaged with her most of the time. I don’t get to paint as much as I would like to. If I get time to paint during the week, it is strictly work; I work on my newest commission (I am lucky enough to always have one of these in process), and I don’t get time to play. Because I don’t have time to play, I never get to explore other images, styles, or approaches to painting. So that is why I am lucky to have an opportunity to prepare an exhibition based on my personal interests. One of these is the world my girl is growing into

After painting so many portraits over the years, I find that I am more fascinated with imperfection and candid moments, rather that a perfect staged image. In this body of work, I am catching real women and girls in real moments, which are often expressions and actions that would typically get edited out before going public.

Whether we are laughing, tasting food, asking for something, scolding someone, or being caught off guard in a private moment, this work is part of my attempt to show my daughter that she is not only okay in every moment, she is perfect. We all are.