Thank you for your interest in my unique, finger-painting portrait painting style.

All my paintings are done using only my fingers
(I don’t use brushes, except for my signature at the bottom).

I specialize in custom portraits of people and pets. Portraits generally take 9-15 weeks to complete. I prefer to have a personal meeting with the subject(s) for a photo session. However, I will gladly paint from a favorite photo (or photos) that you provide me with. I often scan and print several copies of different angles to help me capture the essence of a subject's appearance. It is a magical experience to watch their character grow out the canvas.

See the photos below for a better sense of this process...

The Christmas holiday season is a busy one for me, so if you are considering commissioning a portrait from me as a holiday gift please consider contacting me right away. Holiday portraits should be ordered four months in advance to ensure on-time delivery. You can view my pricing guidelines and find out how to Order a Portrait right here. Thanks!

Contact me via email with any questions when you are ready to commission a portrait of your loved one.